If not, then read this You must conceal your presence from the animals if you are a hunter. The FoxPro Patriot is an excellent tool for all predator hunters. 99. Don't get hung up on this Foxbang thing. But is it all breeze with his handy tool? Go through the library, pick out as many sounds as you like. the flat buttons on the inferno are kind of hard to push with gloves on. Id love to have a chat. You can only add sound to the FoxPro Patriot using windows OS. FoxPro Patriot Predator Caller, PATRIOT Additional Features: Comes with 35 sounds. Youll feel the solid construction once you pick up your first FoxPro Patriot. Fooling a coyote and other big predators is no easy task. Under the Favorites folders, you can place the most frequently used sounds. Why guess at sounds? The FoxPro Patriot Predator Caller comes standard with 35 high-quality FoxPro sounds, an additional 100 free sounds, with the ability to hold up to 200 sounds. FOXPRO products purchased from websites without the FOXPRO Authorized Logo are sold without warranty or support. Scroll up/down, a mute, and much more.The Patriot is backed by a 3 year limited warranty, FOXPRO's unmatched customer support, and is proudly made in the USA! And be careful about where youre putting it. We stock a HUGE inventory of FOXPRO electronic calls. Foxpro SW1 ShockWave Digital Call Attracts Predators Features TX1000 The SHOCKWAVE 385428200484 Thats why when you go out, you may need a little bit of help to get the right calls played at the right times. The FoxPro Patriot is a compact little caller that still packs a punch with an effective volume and huge amount of sounds for a moderate price. Congratulations on your purchase of the FOXPRO Patriot digital game call! The FOXPRO Patriot is the perfect option for the up-and-coming predator hunter. FOXPRO Patriot Electronic Predator Call (25) $154.99 Free shipping 92 sold SPONSORED New Foxpro X24 Predator Coyote Game Call W/ Remote 1000 Sound Capacity (3) $549.95 Free shipping 19 watching FOXPRO X Series X1 Digital Hunting Game Call Horn Speaker with Remote Control (3) $299.99 Free shipping 25 watching foxpro game call used model FP38 $152.50 Includes 35 sounds; Plus 100 free sounds ; 300 sound capacity . (888) 826-9683, All prices are in USD 2023 AllPredatorCalls.com FREE SOUNDS CANNOT be substituted for PREMIUM SOUNDS. You won't wear yourself out blowing this call. Its an electronic caller made for exactly that. If you do not see the "Thank You" page, please call to verify that the sounds came through correctly 888-826-9683. There are a few things I liked about this remote in my FoxPro patriot review: One of the things we didnt like in our FoxPro Patriot Predator call review is the antenna that breaks easily. 1960-2022 Rural King. If you wish to select LESS than your alloted sounds, simply write a note in the comments section at the bottom stating that you do not want the full amount. In order to download the playlist, you will need a 3.5mm stereo male-to-male cable (included). We stock a huge inventory of FOXPRO electronic calls. I also love that I dont have to relinquish my position, which is impossible with a manual caller. $549.95. We recommend that you carry the FoxPro Predator caller in a padded backpack, which will help to protect it from dust and debris as it isnt dustproof. Typical plastic construction will leave you with huge chips in the product and rapidly lead towards death to the caller. If you dont have a ziplock bag nearby, wrap the e-caller with a poly. And when considering different brands, you may come across the FoxPro Patriot. The HammerJack 2 features dual-amplified speakers to deliver incredible volume. $149.95. In this play mode, the HammerJack will play the selected sound non-stop. Any short-distance falls, or sudden collisions with complex objects might break it off. To expand a category click on the + symbol to left of the title. At 1.5 pounds, youll be surprised at what you hear the speaker put out and help you bring in. -CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. The sound clarity, zero distortion in higher volumes, remote range, plenty of free sounds, and surprisingly lightweight design has convinced me to invest my money. Jay's Sporting Goods | Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Shooting, Outdoor Gear, Hunting Gear, Fishing Gear, Camping Supplies They used bone, horn, and wooden mouth calls as well. FOXPRO Patriot Electronic Predator Call. Just found the Cabela's SLP by FoxPro, help with opinions on that compared to the other two. THIS PAGE IS FOR CUSTOM SOUND PROGRAMMING SOUND SELLECTION FOR THE JOHNNY STEWART GS-2 ELECTRONIC CALLER ONLY, Please complete your Johnny Stewart sound selections AFTER purchasing your unit online at AllPredatorCalls.com, An order confirmation is emailed to you immediately upon completion of your order. If you do not see the "Thank You" page, please call to verify that the sounds came through correctly 888-826-9683. Compare ; Sign in or Register Once found, push the Select button to set the sound. The Patriot offers maximum portability with its lightweight, rugged ABS housing. *Because the Inferno only holds 200 total sounds, not all of the FREE SOUNDS will fit on the unit. A FULL factory warranty is included with each Johnny Stewart product purchased from AllPredatorCalls.com. 5. If you want more sounds than your unit comes with you must purchase the additional sounds from FOXPRO directly. We recommend checking out the ICOtec GEN2 GC350 or the Foxpro Inferno if youre wanting to get the extra features that the Patriot left out. FoxPro is very compact. Instructions: Click the check box next to the sounds you want. It would help if you were as discreet as possible when hunting predators. Copyright 2023 FOXPRO Inc. All rights reserved. A FULL factory warranty is included with each FOXPRO product purchased from AllPredatorCalls.com. The Patriot has a USB port, a 3.5 mm external speaker jack, and a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack to ensure that you are able to connect to the device or speaker that you want. A few additional features of the FoxPro Patriot. All in all, the FoxPro Patriot is a great little caller that would be good for anyone with a tight budget, or if youre just starting out using a caller. All animal sounds are listed in their categories, making them easy to navigate. MFK Sound Pack Digital Download * Pricing varies depending on sounds selected How to Purchase Sounds Locate the "Sound Selector" tab underneath the main image. - You get to pick the sounds that are on your call! As you can see, it has an elegant but straightforward keypad layout. FOXPRO Sounds MFK Sound Pack Position mouse over image to zoom. The voiceover will not be present on the downloaded file . The order/invoice number is included in the order confirmation email. Page 11: Programming The Patriot (FXP), MP3, and uncompressed WAV files. Order with confidence, as the only Authorized Johnny Stewart retailer with the ability to Custom Program Johnny Stewart electronic callers. Sounds marked with an asterisk (*) will not be included on the Banshee. But it depends on where you put your caller unit. While coyotes are easy to spot, theyre speedy and can be hard to trap. If you wish to select LESS than your allotted sounds, simply write a note in the comments section at the bottom stating that you do not want the full amount. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Fieldandhunting.com is participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Quick Answer: How Many Arrows in a Quiver Can You Carry? Foxpro Patriot - PATRIOT The FOXPRO Patriot is the perfect option for the up-and-coming predator hunter. No matter how thick your gloves are, you should only expect to make an accidental press on the right button. i tried it and decided i like the honda ruckus. The FOXPRO HammerJack 2 is portable, lightweight, and easy to operate. Last Updated: February 13, 2023 by Field & Hunting Editor, FOXPRO Shockwave Review: Redefining the Electronic Call, Coyote Hunting with Greyhounds All You Need To Know, ICOtec GC320 Review: Quality Sounds and Built-in Decoy. The Pro Mallard single-reed design makes this call an easy-to-blow call. FoxPro cant play sound files other than these mentioned formats. Skip to main content. But it helps to hide the caller from the prying eyes of predators. The Patriot offers maximum portability with its lightweight, rugged ABS housing. Since I couldnt find any waterproofing or water-resistant certification anywhere, I suggest you keep the e-caller away from getting wet. I bought this online and it said the store had several of them. FOXPRO PATRIOT REVIEW | COYOTE HUNTING | ELECTRONIC COYOTE CALL | COYOTE HOWL | FOXPRO FURTAKER 10,384 views Jul 30, 2020 129 Dislike Share Save Wide Range Adventures 1.18K subscribers This. And now, the market offers different solutions for different price ranges. Just fold it down once you finish working with it. im going to upgrade, they have 24 programed sounds instead of 12. im wanting to add few more options on sounds, and a decoy with movement, I use a turkey feather on a arrow for now, along with mouth and diaphragm calls that ive been learning So far the icotec . When you look at the FoxPro Patriot, it will likely exceed your expectations as it produces high-quality calls. Compare. TX433 Remote 9V battery. XR6, NX3, NX4, FX3, FX5, SCORPION X1A, X1B, X1C, SPITFIRE, WILDFIRE, WILDFIRE 2, FIRESTORM, FURY GX7, FURY 2, PB1, PB2, PB3, CS-24, CS-24B, CS-24C, TRUCK PRO, KRAKATOA, KRAKATOA II, CABELAS OUTFITTERS SERIES, SNOW-CROW PRO (SC3, SC5, SCP2), SUPER SNOW CROW PRO, CROSSFIRE, FUSION, OCC, HELLFIRE, SHOCKWAVE, INFERNO, BANSHEE, SCREAMING BANSHEE, BUCKPRO, ELK MOOSE PRO, TURKEY PRO, HAMMERJACK (1 & 2), PATRIOT, HI-JACK, X1, X24, X2S, XWAVE, SNOW PRO, SNOW COMMANDO, FURY GX7, FURY 2, PB1, PB2, PB3, CS-24, CS-24B, CS-24C, TRUCK PRO, KRAKATOA, KRAKATOA II, SNOW-CROW PRO (SCP2), SUPER SNOW CROW PRO, CROSSFIRE, FUSION, SHOCKWAVE, X24, X2S, XWAVE, MFK118 - MFK Bad Intentions Pup Fight 6wk, MFK278 - MFK Fighting Purrs/Spits/Drumming. The higher-end electronic predator callers have robust and rugged construction. 50 sounds of your choice = Firestorm, NX4, 75 sounds of your choice = Inferno, Crossfire, Hellfire. FREE SOUNDS CANNOT be substituted for PREMIUM SOUNDS. Unfortunately, the remote buttons dont glow at night. FOXPRO Patriot Remote Controlled Electronic Game Call with 35 Sounds. Luckily its compatible with the FoxJack 5. There is a counter on the top and bottom of the selection chart that totals your selection for you (if the counter is not working, refresh your page and start again). This isnt the top of the market, but it is still an impressive distance. To get a unique FoxPro Patriot sound, head to theMFKand purchase your preferred audio sound. . $100.00 + $11.45 shipping. We have the unique ability, experience, and expertise to program your FOXPRO with any of the FOXPRO library of over 600+ wildlife calls. Youre going to love its clarity and range. I suggest hooking the remote to the clam of your Wader or service belt (If you use them). It comes standard with 35 high-quality FOXPRO sounds, an additional 100 free sounds, and has the ability to hold up to 300 sounds. They range from predator calls, puppy distress calls, racoon fighting, and so on. All Rights Reserved. I will not be ordering from rural king inline again. We DO NOT sell additional sounds. Page 12: Foxfeatures: User Button The default setting is repeat. Free Shipping on ALL Orders Over $100! It presents Doves can be a good choice for perfecting your hunting skills. I cracked the patriot open and played with it a little bit so maybe I'll just keep it since it's open if neither one seems to stand out. It comes standard with 35 high-quality FOXPRO sounds, an additional 111 free sounds, and has the ability to hold up to 300 sounds. 001 -Coyote & Grey Fox 002 -Coyote & Raccoon 003 -Coyote Barking 004 -Challenge Howl 005 -Coyote Growls 006 -Coyote Locater 007 -Coyote Pup Distress 008 -Coyote Whimpers 009 -CoyWolf Bark Howls 010 -Lone Howl Locater 011 -Johnny's Ki-Yi, 001 -Grey Juvenile Growls 002 -Gray Adult Growls 003 -Gray Fox & Coon 004 -Gray Fox & Cottontail 005 -Gray Fox Fight 006 -Gray Fox Pup 007 -Gray & Red Fox 008 -Red Fox & Cottontail 009 -Red Fox Pup 010 -Baby Red Fox, 001 -Baby Cottontail 002 -Baby Cottontails 003 -Baby Jack 004 -Baby Jacks Distress 005 -Coarse Cottontail 006 -Cottontail Buffet 007 -Desperate Cottontail 008 -Frightened Cottontail 009 -Grown Cottontail 010 -Grown Jackrabbit 011 -High Pitched Cottontail 012 -Hurt'n Jack 013 -Jackrabbit 014 -Jackrabbit Buffet 015 -Blank - reserved for future sound 016 -Screaming Cottontail 017 -Snowshoe Hare 018 -Superjack 019 -Vittle's Jack, 001 -Distressed Rodents 002 -Luring Lips 003 -Rodent Distress 004 -Rodent Squeaks, 001 -Baby Bird Distress 002 -Baby Woodpecker 003 -Cardinal Distress 004 -Cat Bird Distress 005 -Chicken Distress 006 -Chicken Noodle 007 -Distressed Quail 008 -Flicker 009 -Meadowlark 010 -Pheasant Distress 011 -Pleading Chicken 012 -Quail Chick Distress 013 -Squealing Bird 014 -Squealing Woodpecker 015 -Starling Distress 016 -Woodpecker Buffet 017 -Yellowhammer Woodpecker, 001 -Baby Raccoons 002 -Coon Fight & Squealing Bird 003 -Raccoon Fight, 001 -Feral Hog Feeding Frenzy 002 -Grunt'n Ferals 003 -Hurt'n Hog 004 -Wild Piglet Distress 005 -Young Domestic Pig 006 -Juvenile Javelina 007 -Baby Javelina, 001 -Canine Puppies 002 -Canine Pups 003 -Small Dog Barking 004 -Small Growl'n Dog 005 -Distressed Kitten 006 -Housecat Distress 007 -Kitten Distress 008 -Calf Distress 009 -Kid Goat Distress 010 -Wailing Kid Goat, 001 -Antler & Buck Dist 002 -Antler Rattling 003 -Buck Distress 004 -Buck Grunt 005 -Contact Grunt 006 -Doe Bleat 007 -Doe Bleats 008 -Doe Distress 009 -Estrus Bleats 010 -Fawn Bleating 011 -Lost Fawn 012 -Rattling 013 -Snort Wheeze 014 -Whitetail Fawn 015 -Young Buck & Doe, 001 -Aggravated Cow 002 -Antler Raking 003 -Calf 004 -Cow 005 -Cow & Bull Mating 006 -Cow in Heat 007 -mating Moose 008 -MatureBull 009 -Misc Moose 010 -Moose Grunt'n 011 -Peeing Bull Moose 012 -Peeing Cowl Moose 013 -Running Grunts 014 -Various Moose 015 -Young Moose, 001 -Crow & Hawk Fight 002 -Crow & Owl Fight 003 -Crow Audience 004 -Crow Come Here 005 -Crow Death Cry 006 -Crow Death With Hawk 007 -Crow Distress & Owl 008 -Crow Frenzy 009 -Crow Reveille 010 -Death Cry of a Crow 011 -Fighting Crows 012 -Single Excited Crow 013 -Young Crow Distress 014 -Barred Owl 015 -Fall Screech Owl 016 -Spring Screech Owl 017 -Great Horned Owl, 001 -Cluck & Purr 002 -Cutting 003 -Excited Hen Yelp 004 -Fall Turkey 005 -Fly Down Cackle 006 -Gobble 007 -Gobbler Distress 008 -Gobbler Fighting 009 -Gobbler Locator 010 -Gobbles 011 -Plain Hen Yelps 012 -Soft Hen Yelps 013 -Spring Turkey 014 -Tree Call, 001 -Calling Snow Geese 002 -Feeding Snows 003 -Single Snow Goose 004 -Snow Goose Calls 005 -Canada Geese 006 -Mallard Ducks, The FREE SOUNDS are automatically included with every programmable FOXPRO E-Caller sold at AllPredatorCalls.com*. parma senior high alumni association, ascension via christi leadership,
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